Barr and Stroud products are precision instruments manufactured using high quality workmanship and materials and should provide you with many years of use.

In the event it becomes necessary to return the product under warranty (Important: please refer to warranty terms and exclusions below) please do so as follows:-

In YEAR ONE return the product with your purchase receipt to the dealer from where it was originally purchased.

AFTER YEAR ONE Please contact us by email in the first instance advising details of the fault and providing a copy of your purchase receipt for approval. After approval, please send the product to Optical Vision Ltd enclosing your purchase receipt and completed ‘Passport to Service’. Please enclose a covering note describing the fault and include your address and contact details. Please note: Optical Vision Ltd will only cover the cost of return carriage for sending within the UK.

1) During the first FIVE years from the date of purchase, your product will be repaired free of charge. The cost of parts and labour will be covered by us. We reserve the right to repair or replace defective parts as necessary at our sole discretion.

2) During the next FIVE years responsibility for the cost of PARTS will be borne by us but the corresponding LABOUR cost will be charged to the customer accordingly. An estimate for labour costs will be provided for your acceptance.

Please note that rubber eyecups, neck straps, rubber coatings & coverings, cases and other accessories are not covered by the warranty as these are subject to normal wear and tear. Neck straps and eyecups can be ordered at a reasonable cost from your dealer. Optical misalignment (image distortion or double image caused by dislodging of prisms) is also not covered under the warranty as this will only happen if the product has been subject to a shock or has been dropped. Problems arising because of misuse, accidental damage, water penetration (excluding waterproof models), invasion of dust/dirt, cleaning and damage caused by cleaning is also excluded. The warranty offered is not transferable should the product change ownership.

Please note: Barr & Stroud Magnifiers are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty is offered in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights